pet portraiture

these prices reflect special introductory rates.

What to Expect

Creative Fee
-Also known as a studio/session fee
-A meet & greet with you and your fur baby
-Throwing around ideas to capture you pet’s best side
-Includes editing, location scouting, mileage to and from locations, etc
-Lots of treats, cuddles and pets

Private Online Galleries
-You can expect your gallery apx. 2 weeks after your modelling session
-Password protected for your privacy
-Images will be lightly edited (see “Digital Files” below)
-The number of images stated above is the minimum number of images included
-Half the photographs will be in color and the other half B&W
-Images will be watermarked
-Online gallery images may be downloaded and shared on social media; please do no crop or edit the image

Digital Files
-Once you choose your favorite images I will then fully edit the images (remove leashes, ensuring those images are gallery ready, etc.)
-I will make your high resolution images available for download through Dropbox
-You can expect your images apx. 2 weeks after your selections are made
-Your digital images are yours to do with what you please, the exception being selling them

-For every hour of shooting it takes about 4 hours in post processing
-Not everything can be edited, please be reasonable in your expectations
-I require that social media images not be cropped or edited and that the watermark remains intact